Metal Syringe 10ml,20ml,30ml,40ml,50ml,100ml

Metal Syringe 10ml,20ml,30ml,40ml,50ml,100ml, Metal Glass Syringe, Adjusted Stainless Steel Metal Syringe


1. Metal Syringe 10ml,20ml,30ml,40ml,50ml,100ml, Material: stainless steel with glass.With or Without Luer-lock.Brass with electroplating.

2. Metal Glass Syringe accuracy : 10ml: 0.5-10ml adjustable 20ml: 1-20ml adjustable 20ml B-type: 1-20ml adjustable 30ml: 1-30ml adjustable 40ml: 1-40ml adjustable 50ml: 1-50ml adjustable 50ml B-type: 1-50ml adjustable 100ml: 2-100ml adjustable.