Operation Blade | Surgical Blade

Operating Blade, Operation Blade, Surgical Blade


1.Sterile surgical carbon(stainless) steel blades. Product Use: This product is used for the basic surgical surgry for cutting soft tissues.

2.Type: disposable carbon steel surgical blade.Size: 10# 11# 12# 15# 20# 21# 22# 23# 24# 36#.Way of sterilization: sterilized by gamma radiation.

3.Material Construction: The raw materials include carbon steel and stainless steel.

4.The packing is done with seal by the compound material of polyester and aluminium foil with the nature of the good airtight-ness and bacterium isolation.

5.It is sterilized by the Co-60 gamma radiation and can be used directly without being re-sterilized before use.

6.It can prevent the cross infections from the medical sources and be suitable to the field rescue.