Dog First Aid Kit | Cat First Aid Kit

Pet First Aid Kit, Dog First Aid Kit, Cat First Aid Kit, Animal First Aid Kit


The Pet First Aid Kit included medical products for dog and cat in emergency as below, also customized by your requirements:

01 Scissors 1pc
02 Tick Remover Metal 1pc
03 Metal Tweezers 1pc
04 Eye Wash 1pc
05 Emergency Blanket 1pc

06 Conforming Bandage 2" 1pc
07 Conforming Bandage 3" 1pc
08 Combine Pad 1pc
09 Cohesive Flex Wrap 1pc
10 18" Muzzle /Tournequit 1pc

11 5" Leash with D-Ring and hand Loop1pc
12 Gauze Swab 3"X3" 3pcs
13 Cloth tape spoon 1pc
14 PVC Gloves 1pc
15 Cold Pack 1pc

16 Thermometer In Case 1pc
17 Black plastic bag 2pcs
18 Bag of Clean-up Kit 1pc
19 Povidone-Iodine Prep Pad 2pcs
20 Magnifier 1pc

21 Hand Wipe 3pcs
22 Alcohol Pad 6pcs
23 Nylon bag 1pc