Elastic Gauze Bandage

Elastic Gauze, Stretch Gauze, Elastic Gauze Bandage


Elastic Gauze Bandage, 100% cotton ,pure white and soft with elastic.Yarn:21s,32s,,40s.Mesh:10,13,17,20 threads.
High absorbency, With/without X-ray detectable thread.Sterile or non sterile.Folded edge or non folded edge.

Item No. Mesh Size Width Length Package
GA83515 10,13,17,20 threads 5,7.5,10 cm 5,7.5,10 m
Paper packing,
plastic bag packing


Elastic Gauze, Used for stopping bleeding or wound cleaning, mucous membrance and disinfection. Wound dressing for infected and discharging wounds and protective wound padding.