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Anti Fog Face Mask,Anti Fog Mask


Anti Fog Face Mask With Shield

1.Made of face mask and anti- fog mirror. Color: white/green/blue and so on.

2.Mirror is made from Composite Materials,antifog,for better eye and face protection, Fluid resistant.

3.Facemask is made of SS nonwoven+high melt-blown.

4, Non-irritating and soft,high filtrability and Super breathability.

5.BFE is over 99%, ISO13485/sterilize CE

Size And Package Size= A * B
A 12 cm 14.5 cm 16 cm 17.5 cm 21.5 cm
B 9.5 cm 9.5 cm 9.5 cm 9.5 cm 9.5 cm
Packaging Details: 20pc/bag,800pcs/ctn.Minimum Order Quantity:5000 Pieces.Port:Wuhan,Shanghai.

Anti-Fog Face Mask with Shield Details:

Anti Fog Face Mask With Shield

Application Reference

Medical use Nonwoven Face Mask With Tie to stop bacteria into pneogaster effectively.

Actived Carbon Face Mask is fixed for electronic factory.

Food-processing use ES Face Mask to insure food health.

For some places with high request, we suggest our Double-Face Anti-Fog Mask with Eye Shield.

The Anti-Fog Face Masks with Eye Shield – using double-sided anti-fog mirror and high-quality non-woven masks, the mirror are effectively protected by non-woven protective film. This kind of face mask is mainly used for liquid splashing operating environment.

Best funciton for : -hospital. -Pharmaceutical manufacturing. -Painting and spraying workshop. -Mining, wood, and metal processing. -Agriculture and veterinary services. -Asbestos removal, stripping, and clear-up or handling.