Vet Ultrasound | Portable Ultrasound Machine

Veterinary Ultrasound Machine, Vet Ultrasound, Animal Ultrasound, Portable Ultrasound Machine


1. Veterinary Ultrasound Machine is used in livestock farms and animal clinics. The 3.5MHz mechanical fan sweep probe is suitable for pigs, sheep and pets.

2. Vet Ultrasound,Image can be exported,store 128 pictures, available data lines,Into the computer, not easy to lose, easy to use.

3. Animal Ultrasound, 5.6 inch color screen,image clear, stable, high rate, easy to observe the use.

4. Portable Ultrasound Machine, Built-in lithium-ion battery detachable, Electric adapter and high-capacity lithium battery combination of the way power supply can be used continuously for more than 2.5 hours.

5. Waterproof probe, Standard 3.5MHz waterproof mechanical fan sweep probe, can be washed, low power, deep real-time adjustment, high-strength tensile screen, durable.