Lab Microscope | Medical Microscope

Biological Microscope, Lab Microscope, Medical Microscope, Animal Microscope


1. Biological Microscope, is a type of professional biological microscope for laboratory or hospital, equipped with high quality infinity optical system, provides excellent optical performance.

2. Lab Microscope, the streamline figure and pastel color, it has more beautiful appearance. With the large size double layer mechanical stage, it can provides the more comfortable operation and operational room.

3. Medical Microscope, Infinity Optical System, Binocular And Trinocular Head Available, Interpupillary Distance 48~75mm, 360° Rotatable.

4. Animal Microscope with Eyepiece Diopter Adjustable, Wide Field Eyepiece WF10X/F.N.22mm, Infinite High Contrast Chromatic-free Full Plan Objectives.

5. Large Size Mechanical Stage 216x150mm, Graphite Surface, Moving Range75mmx55mm, External Illumination, 3W/LED.