Elastic Bandage | ACE Bandage

Elastic Bandage, Elastic Wrap, ACE Bandage, Compression Bandage


High elastic bandage has a high stretch for controllable compression.The permanent elasticity is due to the use of covered polyurethane threads.With selvedges and fixed ends.

The bandage could be made in short stretch,medium stretch,high stretch or low compression,high compression etc.


1.Material: 72% polyester,28% rubber / 82% polyester,18% rubber / 58% cotton, 25% polyester,17% rubber.

2.Weight: 85 gsm 90gsm 100gsm 110gsm etc.

3.Color: Skin color/natural white



6.Packing:individually packed in cellophane, 12rolls/PE bag

7.Note:personalized specifications as possible as customer's request


For treatment, after-care and prevention of recurrence of working and sports injuries, after-care of varicose veins damage and operation as well as for therapy of vein insufficiency.