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PBT Bandage, PBT Conforming Bandage, 3 Inch PBT Bandage, Medical PBT Gauze Bandage


PBT Bandage, Self adhesive, does not stick to hair, skin, clothing, no pins and clips needed. Soft, breathable and comfortable. Provide light compression, apply properly to avoid cutting circulation. Stable and reliable cohesiveness.

Specification 1.PBT Bandage is made of fine quality textile fabrics with different composition: cotton/viscose and polyamide/polyester or polyurethane. The bandage can be made in bleached white or natural white, plain type or wrinkled type.

2.PBT Conforming Bandage, Due to different weaving method and equipment, it can be classified woven conforming bandage and knitting conforming bandage.

3. 3 Inch PBT Bandage, Weight: 28g/m2 to 35g/m2.Width: 2.5cm, 4cm, 5cm, 6cm, 7cm, 8cm, 10cm, 12cm, 15cm and 20cm.length: 4m or 5m stretched.It also can be made in special sizes as per client's requirements.

4.Medical PBT Gauze Bandage, Packing: Each roll cellophaned with easy tear band or easy tear polybag, then in grip bag or box.

Item No. Specification Rolls/Inner Box Rolls/Carton Carton Size
BA90905 6cm x 4/20m 1 256/64 51 x 40 x 36.5 cm
BA90905 8cm x 4/20m 1 320/80 51 x 40 x 36.5 cm
BA90905 10cm x 4/20m 1 256/64 51 x 40 x 36.5 cm


PBT Bandage, All types of dressing retention, especially joints, rounded or conical parts of the body. Fixation of padding material and cannulae etc.Widely used in wound dressings, first aid field.Hot packs and cold compresses.