Poultry Water Pressure Regulator

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1.Poultry Low Pressure Water Regulator, Whether the pressure is too high or too low, Regulators can regulate and stabilize the pressure making sure the proper amount of water is in the pipe at any given time.

2.Poultry Water Pressure Regulator,Large flow of automatic water supply:Regulator design with oversized intake flow regulator, the regulator is currently used by more than the amount of water increased by 50%.

3.Chicken Water Pressure Regulator, Automatic washing:Designed to automatically flush and two-way combination of automatic water valve,when rotated to wash stalls, can automatically internal regulator inlet and rinse thoroughly,rinse after rotation to shift to automatic voltage regulator water supply.

4.Chicken Water Regulator, Fast Supply Water:When the waterline needs a quick supply, rotary valves can be combined to wash stalls, doubling the amount of water flow rate is increased several times, the water in the water line will quickly reach the end of the waterline, so timely synchronized poultry drinking water.

5.Automatic control:Automatic control, reduce labor intensity, closed water supply, easy to install and use.