Mosquito Fogging Machine

Thermal Fogging Machine, Mosquito Fogging Machine, Thermal Fogger


1. Thermal Fogging Machine, has the advantages of wide cover range, good penetrability, wide coverage, high working efficiency, high spray speed, low price and it sprays smaller fog particles which is easy to absorb dust particles when collide with dust and can quickly achieve dust control when used to the yard easily to produce dust.

2. Mosquito Fogging Machine, controlling by program , remote operation , simple operation, wide range of applications: Long range, penetrating well. It can achieve spraying with low volume. Saving water and high efficiency.

3. When Thermal Fogger spraying the dust of the cattle and poultry farming house , it can easily fully contact with the floating dust and generate damp mist by combining dust to mist. so that the dust settled fast and control drift of dust effectively.

4. It can be widely used not only in agriculture, animal husbandry farming, forestry, pest- control and water-spray for road protection forests, but also in water fog spray deducting for coal yard, ore yard, slag yard, iron ore stockyard, power plants, raw materials plant, port, shipping coal, house demolition site, construction sites and so on

Item Specification
Net Weight (KG) 7.8+1.6
Dimension(MM) 1090*180*310
Solution Tand Capacity 12L
Fuel Tank Capacity 1.6L
Form Double tube double carburetor
Starting Mode Manual/electric according to request
Fuel 92# or higher grade clean gasoline
Battery Voltage 12v
Fuel Comsumption <2.5L
Max Spray Volume 90L/h