Chicken Flooring

Poultry Floor, Chicken Flooring, Plastic Slat Floor

Product Introduction

1. The Poultry Floor is the best choice for breeding hen feeding, which can improve the feeding and management condition well.

2. Chicken Flooring made of pure raw materials(engineering plastics) an injection molding.high intensity and durability, anticorrosion, have long servise life.

3. The Plastic Slat Floor is suitable for ground joint and fixed by holder stand leg and load bearing beam. The advantage of this plastic poultry slat floor is joint easily, firm reliable and bearing well.

4. The flatness of plastic slat floor can be adjusted by holder nut. It is easy to clean and wash. And the feces leaking efficiency is high.

5. Use clear dung machine poultry house qing dung, best control channels within 2 meters.

6. Poultry slat floor strong carrying capacity (one pc of dung floor can stand the weight of two adults), corrosion resistance, long using lifetime.

7. Poultry plastic flooring applicable to chickens,ducks,greese, and Fattening chickens,ducks,greese and breeder birds.

Item No. Product Size Hole Type Hole Size Weight
PF40185 1200mm*500mm*40mm Big square hole 26*18mm 2.0kg
PF40185 1200mm*500mm*40mm Small square hole 24*20mm 2.3kg
PF40185 1020mm*600mm*40mm Big square hole 25*20mm 2.2kg
PF40185 1020mm*600mm*40mm Small square hole 18*18mm 2.32kg
PF40185 1020mm*600mm*40mm Oblong hole 40*18mm 2.3kg
PF40185 1000mm*600mm*40mm Oblong hole 40*18mm 1.91kg

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