1,2,4,5 Outlet Fogger Nozzle

Plastic Misting Nozzles,  1,2,4,5 Outlet Fogger Nozzle,  Low Pressure Water Misting Nozzle


1.Plastic Misting Nozzles, used in pots and hanging baskets for a fine mist. You can also create a fine cooling mist around outdoor trellises and shade structures.

2.The Fogger Mister attaches with a barbed connector to the end of micro tubing or through a hole punched into solid poly tubing.


1.Low Pressure Water Misting Nozzle,At 1.5 Bar with 8.7L/h Flow 0.45m Spray Dia.At 3.0 Bar with 12L/h Flow 0.50m Spray Dia.

2.Fogger Nozzle could with 1,2,4,5 Outlet,easy to take apart for cleaning.