Electric Chicken Debeaker | Electric Debeaker

Electric Debeaker, Electric Chicken Debeaker, Electric Poultry Debeaker


1.Electric Debeaker, is applicable to quickly cut chicken beak and stanch blood for chicken with different ages.

2.The best effect of Electric Chicken Debeaker has been gotten after countryside chicken farms with different scale use this machine.

3.The complete Electric Poultry Debeaker is composed of transformer, motor and cooling exhaust fan.

4.The chicken debeaking machine poultry debeaker head is equipped with motor starting boat-shaped switch and voltage-adjusting multi stage switch of electric heating movable knife.


1.Voltage:220V± 10%.Power:200-250W.Temperature of movable knife:600-800°C.

2.Red-heat time of movable knife<30 seconds.Time of stopping knife and stanching blood:0-4 seconds.

3.Rate of beak:750-900 pcs/h.Weight:4kg.Size:27*16*14cm.