HDPE Poultry Transport Cage

Chicken Transport Box, Chicken Transport Cage, HDPE Poultry Transport Cage


1. Rectangular grid structure, shaped pore bottom in meters, bearing performance, and can effectively avoid the live chicken, rabbit scrapes, bruises rectangular structure is conducive to loading, unloading, improve work efficiency.

2. Self-locking assembled without screw fastening, easy disassembly.

3. Body above the cage door with push-pull, the unique rail design for easy kennel free closure. Transport cage feature: The cage is light (easy to move), strong resistance to impact abrasion, acid and alkali, easy to clean disinfection, durable, ventilation, good air permeability.

4. Load: Single-box could load more than 50kg and can fit about 10 - 12 pieces chicken. It could stack 9 - 10 layers during transport.

5. The cage has an enlarged push-pull opening in the top for convenient insertion and withdrawal of poultry into and from the cage.

Item No. Siza Packing Capacity
PB40151-A 98cm x 58cm x 27cm 100 sets/4.0 m3
PB40151-B 75cm x 55cm x 33cm 100 sets/3.8 m3
PB40151-C 75cm x 55cm x 29.5cm 100 sets/3.8 m3
PB40151-D 75cm x 55cm x 27cm 100 sets/3.8 m3
PB40151-E 75cm x 55cm x 23cm 100 sets/3.8 m3