High Edge Feed Plate

Chicken Feeding Trays, Poultry Feeder Plate, High Edge Feed Plate


1.High quality raw materials, anti-aging,The feed tray is produced from pure engineering materials.

2.Durable,This round chicken feed tray is tough, resistant to stepping and pressure.

3.Easy to use,Put the feed in the tray and let the chicks eat.

4.Various specifications,Round red trays are available in different sizes.

5.Non-slip design,The inside of the tray is non-slip to prevent the chick from standing unsteadily and slipping.

Item No. Siza Packing Capacity
PB40153-A Diameter 33cm x Height 3.5cm 100 sets/0.18 m3
PB40153-B Diameter 40.5cm x Height 3.5cm 100 sets/0.18 m3
PB40153-C Diameter 39.2cm x Height 5cm , high edge 100 sets/0.09m3
PB40153-D Diameter 42.7cm x Height 4.8cm , high edge 100 sets/0.1 m3