Plastic Piglet Trough

Plastic Piglet Feeder, Plastic Piglet Trough, Pig Plastic Feeder


1. The Plastic Piglet Feeder adopt high strength plastic, anti-throw touch resistance, strong and durable.

2. Pig feeding trough adopt solid iron stand, To prevent the swine were injured.Size A: 31.5*32cm,weight:850g. Size B: 32.5*36cm,weight:1028g

3. Pig Plastic Feeder apply to un-weaned piglet's complementary feed.Pig trough have 5 slots,feed several piglets at the same time,prevent snatch food,practical.

4. Pig creep trough can fix to crate avoid turned over, and could increase the capacity, to deepen bowl trough design, more space, more filling.