Pig Feeding Trough with Single Side

Pig Trough, Pig Feeding Trough with Single Side, Stainless Steel Pig Feed Trough


1.Feed Trough Type A Size: 1242*445*905mm, Type B Size: 976*357*615mm.

2.The pig feeder have adjustable height of feeding platform, guarantee the pig to eat the fresh feed.

3.Improve the feed conversion rate, reduce the waste of feed by the automatic pig feeder.

4.304 stainless steel material, thickness of 1.2 mm, the overall welding, firm structure and reliablle.

5.Reversible and washable stainless steel trough is aapplied in crate to provide clean, safe feeding place for pig.

6.Convenient and flexible to fixed installation,can be extended trough volume.