Hog Feeding Trough with Double Side

Hog Trough, Hog Feeding Trough with Double Side, Stainless Steel Hog Feed Trough


1.Feed Trough Type A (Two Side) Size: 1250*735*905mm, Type B (Two Side) Size: 984*462*615mm.

2.The wet and dry feeder designed is used to improve more than 20% of pig feed intake.

3.Stainless steel bottom slot and dose devices are easy to clean and disassemble. Avoid the pigs eating moldy feeds.

4.Pigs can get the feed easily, feeding pigs with forage and water at the same time.

5.Pigs can eat on both sides, improve feed utilization, save space. stainless steel pig feeder.

6.Up to 50 pigs per feeder.