Electronic Weight Scoop

Feed Scoop, Electronic Weight Scoop, 5KG Stainless Steel Feeding Scoop for Horses,Pigs,Cows


1.Feed Scoop specification: 1-5000g.Material: Stainless steel.Accuracy: 1g,with a horizontal bubble meter to maintain accuracy.

2.Press the power button to turn the power on or off. Press the unit change button "U" to switch the continuous weighing (H-ON), then press the U button to turn off the continuous weighing (H-OF).

3.When weighing by Electronic Weight Scoop, press the power button to turn on the power. When the material is loaded into the shovel, hold the handle horizontally, and align the bubble of the level with the center inner ring. Press the C key to improve the accuracy.

4.Single weighing by 5KG Stainless Steel Feeding Scoop for Horses,Pigs,Cows, after the end of one weighing, press the clear button or the power button to carry out the next weighing.

5.Continuous weighing: After the first time the material is placed, the number stops to flash, then continue to put the material, and so on. Continuous weighing can be realized, continuous weighing can automatically accumulate weighing results. When weighing continuously, the material that is put into the shovel for the second time must not be less than 0.1kg, otherwise the weighing result cannot be displayed.

6.After each use, the head of the electronic measuring shovel should be poured down the remaining material, otherwise the weighing result will be inaccurate.