5KG,10KG Pig Feeder

Automatic Pig Feeder, Automatic Pig Trough, 5KG,10KG Pig Feeder


1. The Automatic Pig Feeder pan and 100% new PP for the hopper which make sure for higher quality, and much more durability.

2. Automatic Pig Trough with two types with different volume of the plastic hopper:
Capacity 5KG, Weight 2.5 KG,Size 320mm*320mm*350mm. Capacity:10KG,Weight 4.5 KG, Size: 420mm*420mm*450nn.

3. 5KG,10KG Pig Feeder have a advanced design and new style; Easy installation;Anti-Corrsive, Easy cleaning, Durability.It has a the surface is smooth,not easy scratch piglet.

4. Automatic pig feeder have a big capacity,can save the fodder,eat and drink at the same trough,so keep less feed waste.