Slat Floor

Slat Floor, Plastic Slatted Floor, Plastic Slat Floor, Manure Leakage Board


1. Non - slip pattern, comfortable fall prevention
The pattern on the front side uses special anti-skid pattern to avoid falling down. Anti - slip pattern has the dual functions of anti-slip and wear-resistant and comfortable massage. Piglets walk non-slip and wear - resistant, with ventilation, ventilation and massage on the couch.

2. Back of the multi-channel reinforcement, bearing capacity is stronger
A total of 6 channels and 12 reinforced beams were designed on the back, and the interior of the beams was lined with connecting rings to make them a whole and the stress on the dung leakage plate was more uniform.

3. Strong thickening hooks make installation more convenient and hanging more stable
The hook is the key to the stability of the dung leakage board. The redesigned hook has four supporting bars inside, which is more stable. The hook part has been specially thickened to effectively prevent the wear of the hook for a long time, making it easier to install and more stable to hang.

4. Reasonable design of dung leakage hole
The opening size of the dung leakage hole is reasonable, so that it is convenient to wash dung leakage without hurting the pig's feet and is more convenient to use.

Specification Slat Floor, Size:50*70/60*70/70*70 cm.Character:Good Toughness.Design:smooth surface.Material:PP plastic.