Pig Breeding Incubator

Piglet Incubator, Pig Breeding Incubator, Heat Preservation Boxes


1.Piglets incubator was born in piglets to full moon as of the date of such cases have heat preservation effect.Through scientific design, piglet incubator has reserved bulbs on the cover and watching window design.

2.Piglet incubator advantage:No odor Do not stimulate.With thick material Thermal insulation effect is better.High strength Good toughness Resistance to aging.A smooth surface Does not hurt the skin of the pig.Large space humanization design beautiful High-grade beautiful.

3.In general, piglet incubator does not guarantee the piglet heating. Cover the reserved mouth design, in order to can hang up the heating lamp, piglet incubator is supporting piglets electric heating plate to be used.


Pig Breeding Incubator

Material:High quality plastic.no small of plastic,high strength and strong bearing,toughness good anti-aging,cost-effective.