Pig Electric Tail Cutter

Pig Tail Cutter, Pig Electric Tail Cutter, Hemostatic Tail Clippers


1.Tail cutter is to prevent animals from biting each other’s tail in big pig farm. The better time to cut tail is between weaning and subfield.

2.Pig Tail Cutter, Power:220v 150w.Length:23cm.Material:Plastic, rubber, stainless steel.Heating way:electric heating.Wire length:3m.Heating wire: Can be replaced.Application:Pig,sheep etc.

3. Save the feed and improve daily gain:
Pig Electric Tail Cutter, The energy used for pigs putting tails per day account for 15% of metabolic energy, which causes feed waste virtually.

4. Reduce the biting tail disease:
Biting tail is a vice for pigs, which reason is very complex, the piglets tail cutting can effectively control the disease. According to statistics, generally biting tail disease in the same group can reach 20% or 30%.
The occurrence of the disease reduces the pig's diet and disease resistance. At the same time, piglets are vulnerable to infect necrosis bacillus, staphylococcus and streptococcus, etc, which reduces the production performance of the pigs.

5. Reduce piglet mortality:
Hemostatic Tail Clippers, Cutting piglets tail can enhance the survival rate. Lactation sows may pin the tails end of the piglets accidentally. Piglets strive to break free, which may result in death. Some sows devour piglet tails, which cutting piglets tail can avoid.

6.Improve the carcass quality:
The fatty deposits of the tail cutting pigs between ribs will increase, muscle fibers become delicate, the chewing resistance rate will reduce, palatability and slaughter rate increase by 4% - 5%.