Rattle Paddle Livestock

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1.Sorting paddle consists of a hollow 30cm x 16cm paddle.New molded reinforced shorter tip prevents paddle head from breaking apart. Poker Tip is handy to poke an animal without bruising as well as pushing swinging gates closed.

2.Rattle Paddle Livestock, 107 cm and 122cm length with noise-making beads inside. It also provides extra protection against friction wear on hard surfaces.

3.Pig Sorting Paddles features a durable BB filled plastic head which acts as a visual barrier while sorting and making a rattle noise to encourage movement.

4.The nylon covered fiberglass shaft is stiff and durable. The Tapered golf style grip is comfortable and easy to hold.

5.Rattle Paddle, Lightweight, highly visible and noisy.Two pop rivets to secure paddle head to shaft.New shorter neck puts less stress on the paddle head.

6.Nice soft rubber grip.Paddle head comes in assorted colors only and is constructed of high density polyethylene.