Pig PVC Hollow Panels

PVC Hollow Sheet, PVC Hollow Panels, Pig PVC Hollow Fence, PVC Hollow Sheet for Livestock


1.PVC Hollow Sheet, Clean, durable --- produced only by PVC profile extrusion technology, no need lamination, no need paint, scratch-resistant, easy to clean;

2.PVC Hollow Panel, Waterproof, moisture proof --- 100% waterproof, it will not occurs any deformation even been immersed in water;

3.PVC Hollow Sheet for Livestock, Fire protection, fire-retardant ---- B1 level fire-fighting material;

4.Non-toxic, non-polluting --- do not contain formaldehyde and other harmful substances;

5.Anti infestation ---- do not need worry about termites and cockroaches invasion;

6.Anti acid and alkali ---- even with acid, alkali solution rinse will not damage;

7.High strength, long service life --- compared with other similar material, life can be an increase of 3 to 5 times;

8.Can be nailed, sawing, drilling, planning --- PVC hollow panels have wood processing product performance, apply to re-processing of all woodworking machinery.


PVC Hollow Sheet, Size: 250*30MM, 280*30MM, 500*30MM, 500*34MM, 600*30MM, 600*15MM, 800*30MM.
Other size we could customized.