Pig Farrowing Pen

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1.Farrowing Pen, fully hot dip galvanized steel pipe is applied in sow place. Hot galvanization after the steel pipe welded make sure the steel structure is free of dead welding corner, which highly increase the service period of crate.

2.Pig Farrowing Crate with considerate design of anti-pressing bar,to prevent sows pressing piglets when they lay down too quickly.

3.Pig Farrowing Crate,is adjustable back door design and side fence crate provides comfortable environment according to different sizes of sows.

4.Reversible and washable stainless steel trough is applied in farrowing crate to provide clean, safe feeding place for sow. The anti-corrosion material reduces the mildew rate of feed. The curved edge design reduce the feed waste.

5.Farrowing Crates with special design of circular section plastic floor, is easy to clean and convenient for manure to leak down.

6.Circular smooth iron floor without bur will not crush sows' nipple.

7.Panel placed in front of sow place eases stress reaction, which reduces abortion rate.

8.Farrowing Stall, that will allow sows and piglets to spend this time together comfortably and safely, increasing your production numbers and profits


1.Circular plastic slatted floor
This round section plastic floor is independently researched and developed by our company, which are sold all over the world and earned widespread acclaim.

The curved edge makes it easy for manure to leak down. Provide clean, safe, comfortable environment for pigs. equipment for pig Round bar ensure approx. 300 kg weight capacity. Long service time save your money on farm.

2.Circular cast iron floor
600*700 mm size provides bigger and comfortable space for sow.Ductile cast iron provides 800kg weight capacity, ensures long service time. The Super Advantage of our floor.

The curved edge without bur will definitely not hurt sow's nipple, makes sure comfortable environment and the biggest utilization of sow.

3.PVC panel
This extrusion PVC hollow board is a patented product of us (patent No.2004200006372), which is easy to clean and install. Our pvc board has smmoth surface, effective disease isolation effect, good mechanical strength and great warm-keeping effect. It also can serve a long life span.

4.Hot galvanized sow crate
Outside and inside hot dipped galvanized steel crate has high corrosion prevention capacity and serve long period as 15+ years. Adjustable size: size of crate can be adjusted according to sow's figure, provides comfortable environment for sows.

5.Machine parts
Used for open resting room for piglets, hight quality Interheat lamp provides warm and comfortable environment for piglets.

6.Whole piece slip off door
Whole piece slip off door is convenient for pig to come in and out and easy for farmer to operate.

7.Sow trough
Stainless steel sow trough applied in farrowing cage provide clean feeding place for sow, and great corrosion prevention capacity makes sure sow get healthy food.The trough is able to be turn over, easy for clean.Plastic trough is also available.