Infrared Lampshade

Heat Lamp Holder, Infrared Lamp Holder, Infrared Lampshade


1.Heat Lamp Holder could installed with maximum 250W infrared lamp, good quality,color: silver white and golden yellow. 2m cable + 1m chain + 3 way switch (100%, 50%, and off).

2.Infrared Lamp Holder can be only applied to indoor environment.The height of the lamp can be varied according to different animal, but the lamp shall not be reached by the animal.

3.The distance of Infrared Lampshade from the lamp to the floor shall be no less than 0.5 M.The protection net shall not be disassembled during usage.

4.The lamp bulb PAR38 must be kept clean.Please don't cover the reflector with anything. No flammable or explosive material shall be near the reflector to avoid any fire accident.

5.Please don't touch the reflector directly during usage of the lighting to avoid any burn or scald on the hand.