Brooder Heat Lamp

Brooder Heat Lamp, Poultry Heat Lamp, Heat Lamp For Chicks, Brooder Lamp


1.Aluminum reflector in Brooder Heat Lamp: It's aluminum cool inside with cooling fins, avoid overheated.Built-in E27 porcelain socket,waterproof, feel free to water-clean. Porcelain lamp holder with cooper mouth ring, lamp installation is much stronger.

2.Waterproof switch in Poultry Heat Lamp:3 Way Switch, High(100%)-Off-Low(60%), Energy Saving!One Touch Assembly Easy Assembly without a Tool. 2.5 meter long power cord with convenient switch operation to prevent power leakage, thick and durable power cord. The two or three conductor could be optional.

3.Strong Wire guard, chain in Heat Lamp For Chicks: Energy-saving heat preservation lamp shade, specification: 7G/14G mesh. Equipped with thick lampshade protective net to prevent scalding piglets in using. Equipped with 2 m long suspended galvanized chain. Precision interface, not easy to rust, long service life.

4.Brooder Lamp for Types of incubator are suitable in Different size and color. The suitable lamp largest is 250 W. The cooling fins whole package lamp shade, joint without any gaps, waterproof performance is better.Professional production of supporting heat preservation lampshade, waterproof, high temperature resistant, safe and beautiful.

Item Apply to Lamp Power(W) Color Height
Holder Diameter 260 mm
150W,175W,250W Golden 325
Holder Diameter 206 mm
150W,175W,250W Golden 300
Holder Diameter 210 mm
150W,175W,250W Golden 315
Holder Diameter 220 mm
150W,175W,250W Golden 280