Equine Tape

Equine Kinesiology, Equine Tape, Kinesio Equine, Horse Tape, Kinesio Tape for Horses


1.Equine Tape, made of 90% Cotton plus 10% spandex elastic fabric. Medical grade hypo-allergenic acrylic glue.Size and color can be customized.

2.Kinesio Equine, can be applied to the horse,used as either a sole or adjunctive treatment in equine therapy, reduce or control pain, manage swelling or edema, increase joint range of motion and muscle function.

3.Kinesio Tape for Horses maintain a level of functionality and comfort for the horse throughout the rehabilitation process.

Item No. Specification Rolls/Inner Box Rolls/Carton Carton Size
HG95705 3.8cm x 5m 32 192 55 x 40 x 39 cm
HG95705 5cm x 5m 24 142 55 x 40 x 39 cm
HG95705 7.5cm x 5m 16 96 55 x 40 x 39 cm