Synthetic Cast Padding

Cast Padding 100% Polyester, Synthetic Rolled Cotton Wool


Soft and comfortable,easy handle.Easy to roll and suitable for direct application to closed skin.Easy and quick to apply to all body parts.

The individual layers adhere well to each other and do not slip,can be torn by hand.

Specification Made of 100% polyester.Bandage width 5cm, 7.5cm. 10cm,15cm, 20cm.Normal length 2.7m,3m,4.6m or any length according to client request.

Packing:Available in multiple package,Normal packing for individual is flowwraped.

Item No. Specification Rolls/Bag Rolls/Carton Carton Size
WD83517 7.5cm x 3m 1 480 63 x 33 x 48 cm
WD83517 10cm x 3m 1 360 63 x 33 x 48 cm
WD83517 15cm x 3m 1 240 63 x 33 x 48 cm

Hoof Trimming Reference
Claw Trimming

Recommended for necessary padding,especially in combination with Cohesive Bandage Wrap for hoof and claw trimming.