Fence Energizer | Electric Fence Energizer

Fence Energizer, Fencing Energizer, Electric Fence Energizer


1.Fence Energizer, Heavy Duty Case and Hanging Cord,Pulse Indicator,Waterproof Power Switch, Fast, Slow & Economy Mode Switch.Stainless Steel Crocodile Clips.

2.Fencing Energizer, Power Specifications: Power Source: 12v 80Ah. Stored Energy: 1.6 Joules.Max Power Use: 120 mA.Open Volts: 9,500v.Number of Nets: 20 Nets.

3.Electric Fence Energizer, Distance Ratings: Low Vegetation: 22 km.Moderate Vegetation: 3.5 km.High Vegetation: 1.3 km.