Animal Stick Reader

RFID Stick Reader, Animal Stick Reader


1.Sticker reader supports ISO11784/5 FDX-B and HDX, ID64 standard reading.Unique design of stick antenna meets the actual demand.Shell is durable and reliable due to its high-strength material.

2.It has large data storage 7000 records and supports both USB and Bluetooth data transmission.It can read all types of electronic tags that complied with the international animal identification standard.


1.CPU:ARM (STM32).Power supply:4 AA.Colors Yellow, black.Working frequency:134.2kHz/125kHz.Communication mode:Bluetooth and USB Package size:79*10*10cm.

2.Screen:128*32 OLED.Continuous working time:12 hours.System clock.Built-in storage,Data storage:7000 records.temperature:-30 to 65°C.Net weight:532g.Gross weight:1330g.

3.Accessories:Packing stick barrel, USB connecting cable.Antenna:Two optional lengths of yellow antenna part: 46cm and 25cm Reading distance:Ear tag: 17cm for FDX-B,22cm for HDX.Microchip: 9cm.