Cattle Ear Notcher

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Pig Ear Notcher, Made of stainless steel.Different type are available, such as V type, U type,etc. Ear notchers assist you in the identification of your livestock.

1.The right ear is used for litter mark, and all pigs and cattles in the same litter must have the same ear notches in this ear. The right ear is on the pig or cattle's own right. The litter mark ear is divided into five sections, and each section has a numerical value, either 1, 3, 9, 27, or 81. Each section, except for 81, can have 1 or 2 notches only.

2.The left ear is used for notches to show an individual pig's number in the litter. Each pig will have different notches in the left ear. The left ear is divided into three sections, with values of 1, 3, and 9. To develop a number, use the pig ear notching tool to make notches in different parts of the ear in such a way that their numerical values will add up to the desired number.

3.For proper identification to be made, it is essential that the notches be placed in the appropriate area of the ear so that the mark is clearly a 1 versus a 3, or a 9 versus a 27.

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