Electronic Ear Tag

EID Tag, RFID Ear Tags, EID Ear Tags For Cattle Sheep Animal Tracking


EID Ear Tag, for the animal breeding and slaughter management. Meets ISO11784/5, HDX international standard. Using top quality European chips with read/write capability.Unique data security.Open-top-side design. Waterproof and anti-shedding.


1.R/W Standard,ISO11784/5 HDX.Frequency:134.2KHz.Operation Temperature:-30°C to 50°C.Color:yellow(other colors are customizable).

2.Weight:6.7g.Height:13.3mm ± 0.3mm.Diameter:29.9mm ± 1mm.Material:TPU(Thermoplastic polyurethane).Tension:350N.Anticollision Standard:IEC 68-2-27.Vibrating Standard:IEC 68-2-6.

3.Packing Manner:exquisite packaging.Guarantee>5 years.International Certification,International Committee For Animal Recording (ICAR).