Animal Marking Sticks

Animal Marking Sticks, Livestock Marker, Animal Marker Crayon


1.Reliable and Economical:Animal marking crayon is used for marking of cattle, sheep and pigs.It is a Ideal for temporary Identification, a reliable and economical method.

2.Safe and Environmental:The material is special waxes and paraffin oil,environmental protection, non-toxic side effects,.Non-toxic to the skin of animals.

3.Bright and Lasting:Color: green,red,blue is available. Long lasting. Highly visible, Colors are bright. So It can been seen from a long distance.

4.Animal marker crayonConvient and Clear:Animal marker crayon is simple to use convenient, lipstick type spiral pipe, wax is good, color is gorgeous, marked clearly.


1.Animal Marker Crayon: Gross weight: 102g, net weight: 82g.Plastic shell or paper shell.Regular color: red, blue, yellow, green.

2.MOQ for regular color: 1500 pieces/color. MOQ for other color: 3000 pieces/color.