Cow Lifting Frame

Cow Lifting Frame, Cow Lifter, Cow Sling


1. For getting downer cows safely back on their feet.

2. Adjustable gummed clamps to suit every cow.

3. Stable,robust and tried and tested design.

4. Available in two sizes for small/medium and tall breeds.

5. An indispensable device for cows that cannot get back on their feet(e.g. after complicated parturition).

6. A well spent investment that pays quickly and should be a Must for every dairy cattle farmer.

7. The clamps are in infinitely adjustable to the specific bowl width of each cow.

8. With a pulley or another hoisting apparatus every animal can be helped up to it's feet.


Size: Plastic pipe diameter: 40mm.Length of middle pole: 660mm.Length of the rocker: 230mm (not the hand).Length of the thread: 245mm.