Cattle Brush

Cow Brush, Cattle Brush, Cow Brush Roller


1.Easy to install ,easy to tear down ,easy to clean.

2.Flexibly on a wall or a column.

3.Low energy consumption.

4.Suitable for the use of 50-60 cows.

5.Improve the health and welfare of dairy cows.

6.Increase the production performance of cattle.


1.Material:PP, Nylon, PE,PBT etc.Color:White/black/red/yellow etc.

2.Size:500mm*600mm or customized.Rotational speed:22-24 rounds per minute.Motor:220V-100W.

3.The whole weight:About 140KG.Install height:100CM above ground for brush bottom.

4.Automatic control for turn and stop.

5.Application:Cow/Horse/Sheep Body Brush.