Cattle Weighing Scales

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Digital Cattle scales for animal, is economical, portable, and comes with a wall mount weight display.the conner is very smooth and shing, it do not hurt your livetstock such as cow, pig, sheep, etc.


1.Platform size : 1.2x1.2m~2.0x4.0m , any size selectable.Capacity: 1 Tons, 2 Tons, 3 Tons, 4 Tons, 5 Tons. Accuracy class: Grade III.

2.Cattle Weighing Scales is suitable for weighing all kinds of animals detachable structure.Convenient for container transporting, and easy for washing.

3.Cattle Weigh Scales with barrier structure, the height of door opening manner is selectable according to different animals.

4.Any other sizes can be customized.All stainless steel structure is optional.