Calf Weaning Device

Calf Weaner, Calf Weaning Device


1.Plastic weaner is used to prevent the calf to suck the breast,and prevent calf to lick belly buttom of each other.

2.Set in the Dallas mavericks come near the mouth, to drink milk cow, because the spurs puncture of the cow cow cow breast, rapid bounce run away.

3.Also can prevent the mavericks lick each other between mouth lead to the spread of disease.

4.Adjustable Calf Weaning Device, is suitable for calves up to 18 months of age.Reduces the stress of weaning when used in a two step weaning program.

5.Typically leave the weaners in the calves for 4-7 days, then separate the calves from their mothers and remove weaners.

6.Washable and reusable.


Calf weaner:color,yellow.weight,19g.size,W11.5*H7.5CM.type,standard.