Calving Aid | Calving Rocker

Calf Puller, Calving Aid, Calving Rocker


1. Obstetric apparatus can minimize losses caused by cow giving birth, while reducing damage to the cow's birthcanal,forced even alleviate pain cows,calves will also have some health security, and improving the survival rate of calves.

2. Scientific design, pull to the bottom, rear, top, traction quick release, removable accurate, uniform intensity and does not slip; installation is simple and easy to use, saving labor, durable.

3. For being born or anatropous of traction, livestock can stand or prone.

4. Single operation, to prevent the situation cow dystocia occurs at night, rain and snow or few staff.


1.Material: Stainless Steel 304.Size: 180X60X13cm.

2.Function: assisting people solving the difficult during dairy cow giving birth to baby.