Calf Shelter

Calf Hutch, Calf Shelter, Calf House


1.Calf Hut is not only offering a clean environment for calves;reducing disease happened;protecting cross-infection between herds.

2.Also eating feeds earlie;This will strengthen body, speed up growing;They are convenient to shift and clean.

3.The small calf huts attached with optional feeding drums, feeding drums cover, feeding bottle, heating light, hot galvanized fence.

4.The big calf huts designed with pulled rear door which will have good ventilation in summer, keep warm in winter. The huts also can match with thermal trough drinker or calf automatic feeders.


Made of PE . Size: 2200*1200*1400mm,42kg; 2500*1600*1400mm,60kg. Thickness: 4-5 mm

It could be help in increasing the calves early use of concentrated feed,improving calf physique and increasing the growth speed.