Spiral Head Insemination Catheter

Spiral Catheter, Spiral Head Insemination Catheter, Disposable Spiral Insemination Catheters


Disposable spiral catheters are soft and gentle. They are delivered with a tube connector with closure mechanism preventing backflow. Made of hygienic material.

Ref. No. Description Sponge Head Tip Size Pipe Total Length
Material Diameter Length Material Diameter
AI40303 Spiral PVC 17.5mm 76mm PP 6.3mm 523mm

The Type of Spiral

T Spiral Catheter:

T Spiral Catheter

T type Spiral Head Insemination Catheter

I Spiral Catheter:

I type Disposable Spiral Insemination Catheters

L Spiral Catheter:

L type Spiral Catheter