Sponge Catheter

Foam Tip Catheters, Sponge Catheter, Foam Head Insemination Catheter, Disposable Sponge Semen Catheter for Pig Insemination


Made from material non-toxic to sperm, Engineering design shape.Shore hardness controlled sponge,Perfect bond by non-toxic adhesive.Produced in medical grade clean workshop.Traditional foam catheter as below:

Ref. No. Description Sponge Head Tip Size Pipe Total Length
Material Diameter Length Material Diameter
AI40302-S Small EVA 20.5mm 32mm PP 6.3mm 520mm
AI40302-M Middle EVA 20.5mm 34mm PP 6.3mm 520mm
AI40302-L Large EVA 21mm 33mm PP 6.3mm 520mm


The Type of Sponge : EVA.One type is for Sow,the other type is for Gilt.

The Type of Sponge for Foam Tip Catheters

The Type of Cap:Soft Cap, Hard Cap, No Cap Straight Cut, No Cap Angle Cut.

The Type of Cap for Foam Tip Catheters