Deep Catheter

Deep Uterine Catheter, Deep Catheter, Deep Uterine Catheter With Stopper


1.The deep uterine catheter is equipped with the stopper, which helps to fix the depth of insertion and prevents accidental damage of womb.

2.Qualified specialists have used their knowledge and experience to create the unique catheter which has no analogues on the market.

3.It is used to increase insemination and farrowing rates in sows. The probability of insemination is 98% and higher. The deep uterine type of insemination is much faster and more efficient. The catheter is made of high quality materials.

Ref. No. Description Sponge Head Tip Size Pipe Total Length
Material Diameter Length Material Diameter
AI40301 Deep EVA 20/21mm 33mm PP 6.3mm 760mm